About Us

RANACO Education & Training Institute was established in 2004 in response to the growing needs for professionals and skilled personnel in the fields of maritime, safety, offshore, logistics and hospitality in the region. RANACO opens its doors to all who wish to improve their career prospects via our unique industrial education and training concept.

  RANACO Marine Sdn. Bhd. established the RANACO Education & Training Institute, an institute of higher learning under the Institute of Higher Education Act (1996). All RETI’s programs are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

  Our unique concept of providing industry certificates to all of our graduates is to ensure they are ready to enter the industry. This is proven when more than 75% of our graduates of employed on the field within 6 month upon completion. (TracerStudy by Ministry of Higher Education).


Free industrial certificate


Over 2000 industrial links


75% work in the field after 6 months of graduation.


By various government agencies and industries.


Located in industrial area.


  • To be known for our quality, value and attitude.


  • To provide quality higher education training that is accredited and approved by relevant authorities and industries.
  • To continuously review and improve the curriculum and value added certificates that adhere to the needs of the industry.
  • To collaborate with other international higher education providers and the industry.
  • To produce Holistic Talents Attitude, Balanced and Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • To comply with the Security-Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (S-SHEQ) requirements at all time.

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